Group Tours

Ticket Sales:

Large Groups and Bus Tours are limited to certain weekend events, therefore we ask that you contact the office by July 1st to receive details. Please note that this is a fund-raiser, therefore the stated rates apply. There are no complimentary tickets/buttons for coach and reservations are only accepted with full payment to guarantee tickets. 


A limited number of groups are allowed on Sunday for the Main Street at Christmas recreation and on Saturday for the Holiday Concert.  Unfortunately, we are not able to offer the Holiday Readings, Caroling/Luminaria Walk and the Holiday House Tours to large groups.

If you don’t wish to partake on Main Street on Sunday, you will need to work around the event times. Groups on Main Street from 12-2pm will need to purchase admittance buttons.


Main Street Recreation on Sunday:  Passenger Drop-off & Pick-up is no longer available on Main Street

Parking & Passenger Drop off on Sunday is available at 2 locations:
1. The old Town Hall on 4 Main Street. Passengers will have to walk to and from Main Street or
2. Marians on Eden Hill parking lot.  A shuttle service to and from Main Street is available at this location from 11-2:30pm.

*Photo Credit: Norman Rockwell, Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas. From the Permanent collection, and on view at Norman Rockwell Museum. © 1967, Norman Rockwell Family Agency